2019 Schedule



11:00 AM – MAXIMIZING PERFORMANCE, RECOVERY AND REVENUE presented by Tamara Rowland – Juice Plus


12:05 PM – MEASURE YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS! KNOW YOUR NUMBERS, KNOW YOUR VULNERABILITIES, KNOW YOUR POTENTIAL presented by Dr. Ryan Johnson – Spokane Sport & Spine – Join Dr. Johnson as he discusses how he screens movement quality, uses force plates to measure power generation, and uses 3D motion capture to determine how efficiently power is distributed.  Guided by this knowledge, your training can be strategic and your gains in performance superior.  


1:10 PM – WEIGHT LOSS REVOLUTIONIZED presented by Dr. Julia Stevens – Zelo Living –  Join Dr. Julia Stevens as she delivers an entirely different approach to weight loss.  Dr. Julia has over a decade of successful weight loss program experience in her private practice and now with Zelo, a safe and effective weight loss company. Dr. Julia’s approach is NOT to exercise more and eat less. Rather her approach is opposite of the masses.  Approaching weight loss with the “eat less, exercise more” requires WILLPOWER, and eventual willpower wears out and we become “professional dieters” or better known as “yo-yo dieting”.  Please join Dr. Julia and learn how to heal the metabolism. Topics will include FAT (brown vs. white), FAT HORMONES (leptin), and the parts of the BRAIN responsible for your weight (hypothalamus), and how you can approach weight loss in a different way by using the science of the BODY.


2:15 PM –  MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS presented by Sabrina – Failsafe For Life – Mental Health Matters is a seminar that provides an overview of the spectrum of mental wellness, the importance of mental health as well as tips and tricks for maintaining mental health and practicing self care.  In addition we’ll cover what you can do for yourself or to support your loved ones who struggle with mental illness and how to help a person in crisis. 


3:20 PM – SORENESS VS INJURY presented by Dr. Byers – Spine Team Spokane – If your foam roller hasn’t fixed your problem, it’s probably not going to! Come learn how to discern soreness from injury and what to do about it when problems arise. 






12:05 PM – THE TOP 5 REASONS TO DITCH YOUR DIET THIS YEAR, AND HOW TO APPROACH YOUR HEALTH INSTEAD presented by Angela Pham & Korrin Fotheringham – Northwood Nutrition


1:10 PM – COMMON SPORTS & EXERCISE INJURIES presented by Dr. Mitchell – Spine Team Spokane – Ask a Doctor! Injury prevention & how to properly recover from sports and exercise injuries.


2:15 PM – THE FUTURE IS CBD HEMP OIL presented by Phaedra Raymond – Zilis – The future IS CBD Hemp Oil- Ease pain, calm anxiety, sleep better!